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Freeish Money

Tips and tricks to earn stocks, money, and a little peace of mind.  Find your new side gig today!

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Otis - $10

Otis is a way to invest in a lot of different shares of alternative assets that normally have a bit of a sticker price shock. You can...

Lilli Banking - $100

Lilli is a bank designed for freelancers but it's not required to be a freelancer to have an account. It's a relatively vanilla account...

Revolut - $75 (10 minutes to complete)

Revolut is a free bank and cryptocurrency brokerage that almost everyone can benefit from. It's very easy to deposit money, split bills,...

Celsius - $50 in BTC

Celsius is a cryptocurrency wallet that offers very competitive interest earning rates on a variety of cryptocurrencies. It fluctuates... - $1 a day

Taken from their website Hi is developing the world’s most scalable and inclusive technologies to maximize human potential. Built on the...

Voyager - $25 of BTC

Voyager is one of my favorite cryptocurrency brokerages. It's free to buy and sell a huge variety of different cryptocurrencies and...

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