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Alt - $25 in investment credit

Alt is a way to buy and sell trading cards. Lower selling fees than Otis but also has fewer classes of investment. However the functionality is great and it has both a web page and a phone app. You're not buying shares of the card you're buying them outright. If you're afraid of the perceived price of cards you can always go bargain hunting (which is what I do) with your $25 investment credit. You can buy and sell the asset to pull the money out or ride out a card! One strategy I've found success with is buying cards of star players who were recently injured. Their price drops due to the injury but once they start playing the value is likely to go up!


  • Easily invest in trading cards

  • Buy, sell, and list all on one platform

  • Earn more by referring your network to Alt

All it takes to earn $25 from Alt is to sign up using my link and depositing into Alt. The $25 credit has to be used on Alt within 90 days or it will disappear. If you want to extract the $25 just buy and sell a trading card. This will turn the investment credit to cash. However I like having a high risk asset out there will also referring my friends to the service :)

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