- $25 in CRO is platform that offers a plethora of services. It's a crypto brokerage, crypto prepaid debit card, and a crypto wallet. It offers the capability to buy cryptocurrencies using a debit or credit card which is great for getting into an asset quickly (I've used the functionality in the past and it's been helpful even with the fee). My favorite function though has to be the prepaid debit card that you'll receive for staking CRO on the platform. You'll receive different reward for staking different amounts of CRO on the platform. The one I've stuck with was staking $400 of CRO as you'll get 2% cash back (in CRO) on every purchase AND you get your Spotify reimbursed every month (in CRO). If you are paying for Spotify then this card is paying for itself every single month. Additionally you'll gain access to preferred staking rates the more CRO you stake.


  • Prepaid debit card that gives you different services for free (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime)

  • Access to some of the highest staking rates I've ever seen on stable coins

  • Refer your network to earn more CRO

To earn $25 in CRO just sign up using my link or sign up for the platform and insert my code x29su4r758. After you sign up and stake CRO for your own debit card your sign up reward will be available to trade but not withdraw.

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