FirstTrade - 2 free stocks - 11/15/2021 deadline for extra stock

FirstTrade is a free brokerage service in the vein of Robinhood or Webull. It also offers cheap option contracts so that's another nice little differentiating factor. Overall it's a run of the mill option that meets most investors needs. The great thing about it right now though is that you can get 2 free stocks just for signing up and depositing $100 of more!


  • Free buying and selling of stocks

  • $200 transfer rebate from another service

  • Refer your own network to earn free stocks

It's very easy to earn 2 stocks from FirstTrade as all it takes is to sign up using my link and depositing $100. Make sure you sign up before 11/15/2021 and make the deposit within 30 days of opening the account to earn the extra account!

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