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Mainvest is a platform I'm really excited about. If you're an equity investor you're probably invested in public companies of a massive size. These companies are great to invest in but it's a good diversification tactic to invest into companies of different sizes. Mainvest is here to help you invest into small and local businesses that aren't available on stock exchanges.

When you join the platform you'll see the plethora of investment options available to you. The investment structure is traditionally in the form of preferred shares that pay you until it reaches a certain amount. I've invested into a few projects myself as I enjoy making money and helping small businesses.

Bottom Line

Mainvest is a great platform to invest in small and local businesses. Sign up with the link below to support :)

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Hi, I'm Marcus!

I've been helping people learn about apps, brokerages, and other services that make them money for years now.  I'm excited to help you earn and learn! :)

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