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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Melio is one of the most valuable services out there for small business owners. Why is it so valuable you ask? Well it's a service that allows you to pay invoices with credit and debit cards when you normally wouldn't be able to. Melio allows businesses to control cash flow, rack up rewards, and schedule payments.

Melio offers this type of service while charging no setup fee, no monthly fee, and 2.9% of the invoice for using a credit card. The 2.9% fee is negated by the rewards you'll get for using Melio to pay your invoices! I myself use Melio and it's really helped me as I run my business. The QuickBooks integration has also really helped me cut down on accounting time.


If you're a small business owner I highly recommend giving Melio a try. Since it's free to set up, and has no monthly fee, you really have nothing to lose. Click the link below to get started. You'll support but more importantly, you'll be taking a big step towards getting your finances in order. Take advantage of everything Melio has to offer today!

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