MooMoo - Up to 6 free stocks - One share of LCID ($43) guaranteed

Moomoo is another free stock trading platform competitor. Offers many of the benefits that you normally find with trading platforms in margin and paper trading but it also has a fun rewards center. You can earn points by logging in, adding stocks to watchlist, and other tasks which you can use to redeem some merch or more advanced stock data. It's a fun twist and on top of that you can earn up to 6 free stocks for signing up and depositing money!


  • No fee Trading

  • Paper Trading

  • Margin Trading

  • Rewards Center

  • Refer your own network to earn more free stocks

Get up to 6 stocks for signing up with my link and depositing money into your account. If you deposit at least $100 with your initial deposit you'll receive one share of LCID which is currently hovering around $43. Getting 2 stocks for signing up and depositing $100 is some pretty great freeishmoney :)

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