MyConstant High Yield Savings - 4% on a $4,000 trial deposit interest for 30 days

MyConstant is a high yield savings platform similar to outlet but it also offers a lot more services. The flexible interest rate is lower but you have more options in how to earn interest as you can earn it on fiat, crypto, or buy on the secondary market. You can also borrow for short selling or to access funds using your crypto as collateral. A fun feature I've enjoyed with MyConstant is the badges that you can earn for hitting certain milestones. Overall I really like the platform and the flexibility it offers. Get paid to give it a try today!


  • Interest on fiat and crypto

  • Earn badges for completing tasks

  • Earn more by referring your network to MyConstant

You'll earn about $14 from your $4,000 trial deposit for 30 days You'll see the funds accrue over time and the funds will be available at the end of the 30 days. All you have to do is sign up and complete KYC requirements. Please consider depositing $10 along with the base requirements as that's how I get paid :)

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