Streetbeat - $15 - no deposit required

Updated: 5 days ago

Streetbeat is a new brokerage app that is looking for users. In order to incentivize this they're paying new users $15 to sign up and complete their KYC. You have to keep the funds in the account for 6 months but it's a free $15 so who cares. Use the $15 to buy stocks or keep it in cash. I know I'll be using the $15 to buy a high risk high reward stock but that's just my aggressive nature. This really is one of the best opportunities out there right now as you're getting $15 for no deposit at all and from what I can tell the platform is pretty useful. The information and app is laid out logically and I could see myself using this in the future.


  • No fee Trading

  • Useful calendar

  • Can use it for potential trading strategies

  • Refer your own network to earn more free stocks

Get $40 for signing up with my link and completing the necessary KYC. The process went very fast for me and now I've got a quick $15 to put out into the market :)

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